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Jade Warrior are proud to announce that their 1992 album Breathing The Storm is now available for download from both Amazon - and iTunes -

Breathing The Storm has been described as a transitional album, poised between the Island band of the 70's and the experimental work of Jade Warrior today.

Haiku is inching its way towards a conclusion (It would creep a bit faster if Jon didn't keep changing everything, all the time!). Dave and Chris Ellis (who has agreed to help us with some fabulous acoustic guitar) will be working with Jon this Thurs/Fri.

Like Robert Fripp said "The work lets you know when it's ready". Jon says "I wish it would hurry up and make up its mind then!"

Direct from Jon:
We received an email recently asking why things were so quiet. Sorry for the lack of information but finishing this Haiku album has taken our eye off the ball somewhat and made us forget the people that really matter...
You see, it's really difficult to know if a piece of music (let alone a whole album) is finished or not until you've lived with it a bit.

The site sitter has been nagging me to tell everybody what's going on but, what with all the discussions regarding the inclusion of an orchestra, I've been waiting on other people myself, BUT that is no excuse for not putting some news out.

Haiku is all written (actually there's about three albums worth of music written) but the band stuff in between the orchestral bits is being organised as I write.

Sorry again for the lack of information but it's only because I'm waiting on news myself.

In the real world, Dave is playing with Bill Nelson (of Be Bop Deluxe fame) on Saturday 26th March in a "Legends" TV recording in front of 125 guests. More details are at: