HAIKU - the next Jade Warrior album.
Work is (very) slowly progressing on our next instrumental album titled HAIKU. Track samples should be posted soon.

NOW re-issued

Jade Warrior are proud to announce the re-issue by Repertoire Records of their latest album NOW.
The CD is available as a digipak from Repertoire Records at www.repertoirerecords.com/artists/jade-warrior/now/
To hear track excerpts from the album, click on the 'Listen' link in the menu above.

NOW - the latest Jade Warrior album. Click here to buy. NOW - the latest Jade Warrior album. Click here to buy.NOW - the latest album from Jade Warrior. Click here to buy.NOW - the latest Jade Warrior album. Click here to buy.
The NOW album cover

Alternatively, you can download the album from Amazon or on iTunes.

In addition, Repertoire also have Jade Warrior, Released, Last Autumn's Dream, Eclipse, and Fifth Element available.

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